IMPACTAbri is a Swiss brand that offers a range of unisex garments and accessories. Releasing multiple times a year with a small number of pieces, we provide products for your daily wardrobe. We only use carefully selected high-quality fabrics and manufacture as local as possible. This means that most of our products are made in Switzerland and some pieces in Portugal and Italy.

The Abri concept is built around a simple principle. The idea is to assemble Swiss and international people working in various artistic fields in view of a project linked to clothing and fashion. This project sees artists, craftspeople, designers, graphic designers, photographers, etc. take part in order to discuss, question, produce, create content so as to enhance the processes and bring the different collections into existence.

Abri sees itself as a „fashion shelter“ where the various protagonists can feel free to express themselves, work in different timeframes, experiment and create. In this organisation we are interested in transversality. A horizontal framework is equally essential.

VALUESWe are determined with our modern brand structure of exchange and collaborational ethic work to do better. 

Ecology was a fundamental point in setting up the structures of Abri. We believe that for future-oriented design it’s a must to act ethical. For that we set our values like following: 
We are committed to minimising waste and avoiding overproduction by producing notably less than anticipated demand.

We are committed to running a contained, well-managed supply chain.

We work wherever possible with Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified raw materials and avoid mixed fiber fabrics for production as they can never be recycled in a proper way. A certification we trust.

We are committed to building enduring products.

Abri starts as a small project to create a range of timeless and enduring fashion pieces. Central to the project is the marriage of modern cut techniques, premium Swiss craftsmanship and the highest-quality materials.

Since our first line dropped in winter 2023, we have experimented with a broad spectrum of high-quality fabrics. Our upcoming collection will include fabrics such as Italian premium Denim and many more. 

We only use ethically produced materials, most commonly sourced from Switzerland, Italy, United Kingdom and Portugal. Our use of these enduring and luxurious fabrics is just one reason why our clothes feel and look so good on you.

„Think global, act local“ is a core value  at Abri. We pursue to produce as local as possible and are fortunate to start strong relationships with small specialist makers in Switzerland, as well as family-run manufacturers in Northern Italy, just a 5-hour drive from our studio in Basel. Our production partners are carefully selected due to their dedication to craftsmanship in their field and have solid expertise.

We appreciate that our partners uphold the proud production tradition of locally made quality products. Production in those countries not only gives us unprecedented access to the best manufacturers but also means that the people who make your goods are well-paid and cared for.